Family tree: Elks

This page shows the ancestry of my maternal grandmother, Dorothy Alison ELKS, and of her mother, Angela Margaret LINFORTH.

Much of this information was kindly supplied by Ken Elks (not a relative) who has extensively researched his own and other Elks families and published the results on his website.

baptised 30 January 1774
at Alton, Staffs
d 1845
Son of Paul ELKS
and Elizabeth,
both b c.1750
married c.1810 Margaret
b c.1789
d 1844
James ELKES (b 1812)
John ELKES (b 1814, d 1836)
William ELKES (b 1817, d 1839)
David ELKES (b 1819, d 1900) Farmer
Mary ELKS (b c.1823)
Michael ELKES (b 1824, d 1905)
Francis ELKES (b 1826)
James ELKS (b 1830, d 1900)
Hannah ELKES (b 1832)
Frances ELKES (b 1832, d 1833)

John Elks lived at Ribden in the village of Farley, near Alton, Staffs.

The variant spelling of the surname was a common feature in families at a time when few people could read or write and universal registration of births and deaths had not yet been introduced.

David ELKS
b 1819 Alton, Staffs
d 1900
married 29 April 1851 Louisa KENT
Daughter of Thomas KENT and Hannah
Hannah ELKS (b 1852, d 18 November 1912)
John ELKS (b 1853, d 1914)
Charles ELKS (b 1856, d 1859 or 1863)
Thomas ELKS (b 1857, d 1879)
Mary ELKS (b 1858, d 1919)
David ELKS (b 1861, d 1921)
Anna ELKS (b 1870)
Charles ELKS (b 1870, d 1906)

Hannah Elks married William SNOW Farmer on 6 February 1873. They had 12 children between 1873 and 1892.

David Elks (b 1861) appears in the 1881 census (then aged 20) as a wheelwright, but by 1891 he had become a policeman, moving to the south of the county.

It would probably be fair to describe David’s career in the police force as undistinguished. He still held the rank of constable when he died.

David ELKS
b 16 March 1861 Ribden, Farley, Staffs
Police constable
d 1921
married 1893 Angela Margaret LINFORTH
b 2 June 1869, Willenhall, Staffs
d 1929
Bernard Francis ELKS (b 1893)
Elizabeth May ELKS (b 1895)
Elsie Veronica ELKS (b 1897)
Agnes Eugenia ELKS (b 1899)
Dorothy Alison ELKS (b 1902) Typist
David Gerald ELKS (b 1904)

In 1901 the family was living at 11 Grove Lane, Handsworth (now part of Birmingham).

While working in Birmingham during the First World War, Agnes met an injured Australian serviceman on New Street Station. She later emigrated to Australia and married him. We still have relatives in Australia descended from them.

Ancestry of Angela Margaret LINFORTH

b 1824 or 1825
Sutton Coldfield, Warks
Grocer Master
married Elizabeth JONES
b 1824 or 1825
Hamstall Ridware, Staffs
Teresa LINFORTH (b 1859)
Elizabeth LINFORTH (b 1862)
John LINFORTH (b 1864)
Angela Margaret LINFORTH (b 2 June 1869)

According to the 1871 census, Joseph and Mary were both born in the USA. By 1881 the family had moved from Willenhall (where the younger children were born) to 32 Villa Street, Lozells, Birmingham.