Photos 2021: Four Seasons of Brum

While human life remained subject to pandemic restrictions, at least for the first half of the year, Birmingham’s wildlife, nature and built environment continued to do what they always do

A frosty January morning in Ten Acres Woods

Frost at Holders Lane Fields

Skating on thin canal ice

The Bournville Christmas tree and lights remained up throughout January

Glam snowmen in Selly Park

All-year-round cricket at Holders Lane Fields

Springtime blossom at one of the ever-expanding orchards planted by Fruit and Nut Village

The guillotine lock on the Stratford Canal got a fresh coat of paint, through some graffiti started to re-appear as the year went on

Crocuses growing next to the river by our house

Tulips planted along Pershore Road by Stirchley Bloomers

The mummy swan had three happy events at Lifford Reservoir, having abandoned the nest the previous year

Squirrel in a sunny Cotteridge Park

Spring sunshine on the Stratford Canal

Bournville Yachting Pool was drained for a while for maintenance work, but the ducks returned along with the water

No matter how much the bushes are cut back, they always grow over the path in Ten Acres Woods

Kings Norton Junction: a favourite location in any season

Spring daffodils in Bournville Park

The Cadbury sports ground is devastated by storm damage

Busy bees at the Vale in Edgbaston

Japanese blossom in Oozells Square: I had a good conversation with the selfie-taking couple

The red quince flowers are always a highlight along the canal in spring

Wooden cross by Pershore Road covered with daffodils

At Christ Church we were once again able to decorate the cross at Easter, even though services did not restart in the building until the following week

Queen Victoria looks unimpressed by Brum’s latest skyscraper

Summer colours at Stirchley School: I was there for a photoshoot for a charity event

New student accommodation in Selly Oak viewed from the Worcester and Birmingham Canal

A jumble of building styles surrounds Gas Street Basin

Coming in to moor at Cambrian Wharf

Morning sunshine viewed from Ed’s bench, installed in Hazelwell Park in memory of a young man whose life ended far too soon

New street art in Selly Park

Favourite tree in autumn: the photo was taken at night under street lights and massively processed, so the blue sky is rather fake

Full Moon in spooky autumn mist

Back at Lifford Reservoir the cygnets are now fully grown but retain some grey

Golden Hour enhances the autumn colours in Holders Lane Woods

Autumn glow in Holders Lane Woods

Another favourite autumn tree, in Highbury Park

Autumn crocuses in Highbury Park

Open air theatre comes to Cotteridge Park, with Mrs Barbara Nice featuring in one of the mini plays

Autumn sunset at Cannon Hill Park

Autumn at Rowheath Pavilion

Silhouettes of statues against a brightly-lit Big Wheel

As Christmas approaches once more, the statuesque Real Birmingham Family are not tempted to try the Big Wheel in Centenary Square

An illuminated cross at night, with light trails from a passing lorry

The Christ Church cross is decorated once again as Christmas approaches (with thanks to the passing van for the light trails)