Photos 2016

Here’s an assortment of the photos I have taken during the year, plus a couple that were taken by other people – it won’t be hard to identify those

Scottish Borders holiday

Jedburgh Abbey

Jedburgh Abbey

Scott's View

Scott’s View: the favourite lookout point of Sir Walter

St Mary's Loch

St Mary’s Loch, Selkirkshire

Footbridge over the River Tweed at Dryburgh

Footbridge over the River Tweed at Dryburgh

Statues in Temple of the Muses, Dryburgh

Modern statues in the classical-style Temple of the Muses, Dryburgh

Pedestrian bridge in Peebles

Pedestrian bridge in Peebles

A hole in brickwork with ferns behind

Gap in the ruins of the Cross Kirk, Peebles

Christ Church

A baptism, with the camera focused on the display screen of another camera

A baptism at Christ Church. Sometimes we can’t show people’s faces online but there are ways and means

Decorating the cross at Easter

One of our most distinctive symbols is the cross decorated with flowers at Easter: Miriam joined the hard working early morning team (but where were all the men?)

Bolivian costume

A team from the Anglican Church in Bolivia came to visit Birmingham, and some brought regional dress

A tower of bricks - about to fall?

Anxious times in this sermon illustration

Looking down on a Messy Church craft activity

Aerial view of Messy Church

An old church and gate

Taken on a quiet day at Feckenham, Worcestershire

A pile of suitcases in a tent

One of the tents in the “refugee camp” at New Wine: what would you take if you had to flee?

Phoenix Singers

Miriam in a Phoenix Singers concert

Miriam took centre stage at this Phoenix Singers concert in April, one of several performances during the year

The Phoenix Singers gathered on stage

The Phoenix Singers ready to perform in their summer concert

Walking along the Seven Sisters near Eastbourne

A walk along the Seven Sisters during the Phoenix Singers summer visit to Eastbourne: the fog rolled in shortly after this photo was taken

Great Birmingham Run 2016

Seated spectator watching runners in the Great Birmingham Run 2016

Possibly my favourite photo of the year. I did not compete in this year’s half-marathon – the Great Birmingham Run – but roamed the local part of the course with the camera

Miriam with spectators outside Christ Church

Miriam worked hard to co-ordinate the Christ Church catering operation for the benefit of
Great Birmingham Run spectators – and runners

A runner taking some food

Helping to feed this army on the march

Stirchley Baths

After years of dereliction and a huge renovation project, Stirchley Baths re-opened as a community centre in January 2016

Exterior of Stirchley Baths

Exterior of Stirchley Baths

Leading music at the Fun Palace

I helped lead singing sessions during the Fun Palace day

Trying out a tin bath

These visitors to the Fun Palace loved trying out the tin bath provided by Stirchley History Group

On the stage at Stirchley Baths

On the stage at Stirchley Baths: taken during a quieter moment at the opening ceremony in January

Hama beads in the shape of a heart

The Big Draw gave visitors the opportunity to try out a range of creative skills

Stirchley Community Market

Now six years old, Stirchley Community Market moved into its new home at Stirchley Baths

Sixth birthday cake, made and decorated with the Market's colours

The Market celebrated its sixth birthday in July

Vegetropolis stall

Miriam buys organic veg from Tom of Vegetropolis

Café Horchata Mexican street food van with flowers in the foreground

Café Horchata serves Mexican street food

Mrs Mills Makes Cakes

Mrs Mills Makes Cakes… and sells them to a very appreciative clientele

Pip's Hot Sauce

Balcony + long lens = extra photo opportunities

Stallholder reflected in a mirror

The photographer is always looking for unusual angles

Flowers from Isherwood & Co

Summer flowers from Isherwood & Co at Stirchley Community Market

Around Birmingham

View of a canal boat from a bridge near the ICC, Birmingham

Martin and I took part in a Positively Birmingham photo walk around Birmingham city centre

Part of the Typical Family sculpture outside the Library of Birmingham

Part of the Typical Family sculpture outside the Library of Birmingham

The Lord Mayor of Birmingham in Stirchley Park

The Lord Mayor called again, this time to the Late Summer Bash in Stirchley Park. Here he stands next to the mural of Sir William Cadbury, who donated the land for the park

Cup and saucer ride in the rain

Cup and saucer ride at the Late Summer Bash in Stirchley Park:
it poured with rain in the morning but people came anyway

Stall run by P Café at the Stirchley Fête

P Café ran a craft stall at the Stirchley Fête. The café itself hosts the fortnightly Crunch creative writing group and has become a favourite meeting place

Members of Stirchley History Group on a visit to St Nicolas Place

Members of Stirchley History Group on a visit to St Nicolas Place, Kings Norton

A tunnel of branches by the River Rea

A tunnel of branches on a footpath along the River Rea


My reflection in a car window

I spotted this additional photo opportunity while doing a photo shoot for the launch of the Co-Wheels Car Club electric car

Reflection of an electricity pylon

Some scenes look better upside down

Christmas bauble reflection

Christmas bauble reflection selfie: taken in the café at Stirchley Baths