Photos 2015: Cyprus

We went on a “fact finding mission” to this fascinating and beautiful island, visiting friends who have a connection with our church and also exploring on our own

Miriam walking along the seafront at Larnaca

A walk along the seafront from our hotel to the centre of Larnaca

St Lazarus' Church, Larnaca

The New Testament tells how Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead… so what became of him afterwards? According to local belief, he came to Larnaca and is buried under this church

Phil under the arches at St Lazarus' Church, Larnaca

Under the arches at St Lazarus’ Church, Larnaca

Miriam standing next to a statue by the seafront at Larnaca

Miriam by the seafront at Larnaca

Ancient wall painting in a church at Kellia

The walls in some churches have paintings that are centuries old: this one is at Kellia

The coast at Cape Pyla

Cape Pyla

Miriam looking out to sea at Cape Gkreko

Cape Gkreko is at the south-eastern end of the island

Modern sculpture on the seafront at Limassol

Modern sculpture on the seafront at Limassol

The Troodos Mountains

The Troodos Mountains in the centre of the island are full of ancient towns and churches

Solar water heating panels and a tank

The urban skyline is full of solar hot water systems

War memorial flanked by the Greek and Cypriot flags

There are many memorials to those who died in the war of 1974: the island remains divided but hopes of reunification are still alive

Flamingoes flying over the salt water lake at Larnaca

Flamingoes flying over the salt water lake at Larnaca. On the far side is the mosque of Hala Saltan Tekke: Cyprus is at the intersection of two cultures