Photos 2019: Green Brum

We live close to the busy Pershore Road, but it only takes a short walk to reach the River Rea with its green corridor in one direction and the canal in another. Even the main roads have their areas of greenery. Here are some photos taken throughout the seasons.

Birds on a frozen canal

Birds on a frozen canal

Sunshine and dark clouds

Dramatic January sky in Kings Heath Park

Origami hearts brighten up a barren tree for Valentine's Day

Origami hearts brighten up a barren tree for Valentine’s Day

Red, wet flowers in sunshine

Thanks to Ward’s greengrocers for the display of flowers, which had just been watered

Purple spring flowers

Spring flowers in Stirchley Park

Pink blossom in front of an old building

Urban blossom

Wild poppy

Wild poppy along the Rea Valley

Cutleaf teasel

Cutleaf teasel growing tall by the Rea

Daffodils by a cycle path

Daffodils by the Rea Valley cycle path

A heron stands on the far bank of the canal, reflected in the water

Herons are a frequent sight along the canals and rivers

A heron in front of bushes

Heron in Cannon Hill Park

Spring flower with raindrops

A wet spring day in Kings Heath Park

Photo of trees being taken on a mobile phone

On a photo walk in Kings Heath Park

Circles of blossom on a tree

Spring blossom in Selly Park

Red quince flowers overhanging the canal

Red quince flowers grow by the canal at Lifford each spring

Bike leaning against a street sign for Icknield Street

Into the countryside: following the track of the Roman Road into Worcestershire

Runners on the canal towpath

Runners on the canal towpath

A dog and man by the tiller of a canal boat

The perfect way to travel into Birmingham

Lying down to keep cool in a shallow pool of water

A new water feature: Reflecting pool in front of the Library of Birmingham

Grass silhouetted against a reflection of the setting sun in water

A summer evening by the canal

Two long human shadows in evening sunshine

Shadow selfies (me and Martin) at the Cadbury sports ground

Lying on the ground looking at the sunset

Sunset in Hazelwell Park

Insects on an autumn leaf

Wildlife by the River Rea

Autumn trees in Cannon Hill Park

Autumn trees and Edgbaston cricket ground from Cannon Hill Park

Golden autumn leaves with a green tree in the background

Autumn trees in Selly Park

Two rows of trees with brown leaves on the ground between them

Autumn avenue in Selly Park

A canal boat passing by autumn trees

Approaching Selly Oak in autumn

Autumn trees on the far bank of a lake

Autumn trees at the Birmingham University site at the Vale, Edgbaston

Autumn bushes through a canal bridge, with reflections in the water

Autumn reflections in the canal

Frosty grass, mist over the river and a tree in sunshine

Mist lingers over the Rea on an autumn morning