Photos 2018: Worcester and Birmingham Canal

The warm summer weather was a great incentive to get out on my bike and explore the canal which runs all the way from Kings Norton to the city centre (with no hills!). Here’s a selection of photos taken this year, going from south to north.

A canal boat heading under an arch bridge

Passing Kings Norton Junction in evening sunshine

A boat going under an arch bridge

A boat heading south towards Kings Norton Junction, with the toll house visible behind

Winding mechanism for the guillotine lock

A short detour along the Stratford Canal brings us to the guillotine lock

Poppies growing by the canal

Poppies growing by the canal

A brick wall and building reflected in the water of the canal

The building in the distance that looks like a church is actually part of a former paper mill

Red flowers on a bush with a canal bridge in the background

In the spring a flowering bush brightens up a concrete wall

Heritage direction sign pointing towards Bournville and the University

Heritage-style direction sign

Autumn leaves along the towpath

The canal in autumn, approaching the Pershore Road bridge

The concrete tower of a pill-box

The remains of a military pillbox next to a factory: did they fear water-borne invasion?

The sun shines through a metal fence alongside the towpath

For some of its length the canal marks the boundary between Stirchley and Bournville

A canal boat with distorted reflection in the water

Reflection of a boat in the water

An electricity pylon reflected in the surface of the canal

Reflection of an electricity pylon in Stirchley

Looking along the canal with boats moored on either side

Bournville Moorings viewed from the Maryvale Road bridge

Bike shadow selfie by the canal with the rooftops of Stirchley in the background

Bike shadow selfie by the canal with the rooftops of Stirchley in the background

Autumn leaves in front of the Cadbury factory

The Cadbury factory in Bournville is located next to the canal: here, viewed from the towpath in autumn

The Moving Memories Café team standing on and by a boat

I hitched a lift with the Moving Memories Café team who used a boat to promote their successful funding bid

A bird perched on a high roof with the Moon behind its head

Look behind you! A lofty perch on flats beside the canal in Selly Oak

A runner goes under a road bridge with new student accommodation in the background

Approaching the main road bridge in Selly Oak: the photo is inverted with the water reflection at the top

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham viewed across waste ground

A view of Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham is obtained via a short detour from the canal towpath in Selly Oak

A boat approaches Selly Oak aqueduct

Selly Oak aqueduct is a modern addition, installed so that a new bypass and hospital access road could be built underneath

A bike leaning on railings with cranes in the background

My bike on Selly Oak aqueduct: the cranes in the distance are being used to build new student accommodation

Looking back to Selly Oak aqueduct through a canopy of trees which line the banks of the canal

Looking back to Selly Oak aqueduct through a canopy of trees which line the banks of the canal

A clock tower seen through a gap in the trees

Old Joe – the University clock tower – pokes up from behind the trees in Edgbaston

Spring flowers on the grassy bank with a bridge in the background

Spring flowers by the canal

A goose with a University of Birmingham sign in the background

Bird brain: the canal runs through the University campus, but trees hide much of it from view

Looking through a tunnel with a metal fence protecting the towpath

Edgbaston Tunnel: the towpath was widened and made safer during 2018

Walkers on the towpath between the canal and the railway

The railway line runs alongside the canal for much of its length

The Cube in the distance, reflected in the water

Approaching the city centre, the Cube comes into view

The textured surface of the Cube

The textured surface of the Cube

Pedestrians on a footbridge with the Mailbox in the background

Pedestrians look down on the canal from the Salvage Turn Bridge

Padlocks attached to metal railings on the bridge

Padlocks on Salvage Turn Bridge: the idea was borrowed from “Lovelock Bridge” in Paris

A boat passing under a pedestrian bridge

A boat makes the final turn towards Gas Street Basin

Looking up at the Cube

Another view of the Cube

Traditional decorated jugs on the roof of a canal boat

At Gas Street Basin the Worcester and Birmingham Canal joins the rest of the canal network