Photos 2021: Kent

We spent 2 weeks staying just outside Faversham, giving us access to a variety of seaside resorts plus historic locations such as Canterbury, Dover and Rochester.

Old boat beached in the creek at Faversham

Up the creek at Faversham

Miriam and Phil standing in front of a Viking longship

This replica Viking longship stands above Pegwell Bay, where hovercraft used to depart for France: Phil was once a passenger

Brightly-coloured beach huts on a hillside

Beach huts at Tankerton

Purple onion flowers

Onion flowers in the amazingly diverse gardens at Great Dixter

Path lined with bushes and plants leading towards Walmer Castle

Gardens at Walmer Castle

Knitted sheep in front of a stone wall

Woolly wall at Whitstable harbour

Closeup of a stone fountain

Fountain at Whitstable Castle

A Tudor-style public building

Lemon Tree Restaurant, Tenterden

A cathedral viewed through an arched opening in a wall

Rochester Cathedral

A castle with part of a stone wall in the foreground

Rochester Castle

A ruined church frontage on a hill

The ruined church at Reculver

A railway line, wooden fencing and a lighthouse in the distance

Railway and lighthouse at Dungeness

A wooden walkway leading across shingle towards the sea

Seaside path at Dungeness

Roman lighthouse next to a Saxon church

Roman lighthouse and Saxon church within the grounds of Dover Castle

Aerial view of ferry leaving Dover harbour

Watching the ferries from a viewing platform at Dover Castle

People in a small boat on the River Stour at Canterbury

Messing about in boats at Canterbury

Metal sculpture of a face

“Bulkhead” sculpture next to the River Stour at Canterbury

A beach with direction signs

Clear signage on the beach at Broadstairs