Photos 2015

I have learned more and more about using a camera and have been able to put this to good use on many occasions. This page contains photos that don’t fit into any particular category, and links to others that do.


We spent a week visiting friends and exploring on our own. The photos are on a separate page.

Phoenix Singers

Miriam’s choir spent a few days in Spain, giving 4 concerts. Some photos are on a separate page.


I have become increasingly involved in the area in which we live and the past year has seen some important changes, reflecting the changes in my own lifestyle as I have left paid work. Some photos of the many activities going on locally are on a separate page.

With a group from Christ Church with the Houses of Parliament in the background

In June I joined with other church members and thousands from across the UK in a climate change lobby of Parliament

Lunar eclipse approaching totality

Lunar eclipse approaching totality

Camping in the rain

A damp spell at the New Wine Christian summer gathering: the weather subsequently improved a lot

Soprano opera singer Grace Nyandoro

Grace Nyandoro from Birmingham Opera Company at the annual CoCoMAD arts festival in Cotteridge Park

Tin can alley

The moment of demolition in tin can alley: taken at a leaving party for a church member

Phil and Miriam by the Grand Union Canal at Lapworth

By the Grand Union Canal at Lapworth

Classical statue in silhouette against the evening sky

Statue of Terpsichore outside the Cadbury factory in Bournville

Phil with photos on display at MAC Birmingham

Immediately after leaving work I enrolled in a photography course at MAC Birmingham: some work from our group is on display there until the end of 2015

Firework display

One of the largest local firework displays, at Kings Heath Cricket Club

Comedy act in Birmingham Cathedral

Comedian Craig Deeley performing at Comedians and Carols in Birmingham Cathedral: overhead is the beautiful Soul Boats installation