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This is the website of Phil and Miriam Banting of Stirchley, Birmingham, England
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Roots in Hampshire, Southwark and Staffordshire
Roots in Staffordshire and Germany

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While thousands of Britons huddled under umbrellas on Cornish beaches, we headed east in search of the sun
Phil enters the 2010 Birmingham Half-Marathon
Back on the road: the 2012 Great Birmingham Run
Yet another half-marathon: the 2013 Great Birmingham Run
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Our address is mail at banting-family dot org dot uk
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Who we are

Phil, Miriam, Martin and Adrian Banting

The photo was taken in Utrecht, Holland, in July 2011.

That's Phil on the left... I formerly worked as an electronic (software) engineer for an aerospace company, and took early retirement in 2015.

Miriam is also retired, having been a nurse and then working in health-related research projects.

In between are Adrian (left) and Martin. Adrian's many interests include literature, which he studied at university in London. He now has a PhD. In July 2012 he entered into an Islamic marriage with Sumaya.

Martin is at the "bright" end of the autistic spectrum - bright enough to complete a degree in Graphic Design in London in 2015.

Some things we do


We are active members of Christ Church, Selly Park, Birmingham. We are especially involved in:


Phil is a volunteer for Stirchley Baths, having given numerous tours of this Edwardian building now beautifully restored as a community hub. The Baths is a great venue for the monthly Stirchley Community Market of which Phil is a steward, and the Baths heritage programme also provided the inspiration for Stirchley History Group.

We are members of the the Liberal Democrats supporting its local campaigns.

Words, music and images

Miriam is a member of Phoenix Singers, a large choir who give concerts several times a year and also go on annual tours which we both enjoy.

Phil is often found at Artefact in Stirchley, the café home of the fortnightly Crunch creative writing group - or he may be leaving English behind at Kings Heath Spanish Club.

And at pretty well all these venues and events, Phil is taking photos!

Annual news

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