Photos 2017: Stirchley

Photos taken around our local and very eventful area

A group around a birthday cake

At the first birthday party for the re-opening of Stirchley Baths

Cake at the Stirchley Big Bake

The Stirchley Big Bake raised over £1000 for charity

Cake at the Stirchley Big Bake

Cake at the Stirchley Big Bake

Cake at the Stirchley Big Bake

Cake at the Stirchley Big Bake

Protest against the destruction of local amenities

Stroppy Stirchley: A supermarket planning application was initially granted and then overturned following local protests, but still resulted in the demolition of a bowling alley and gym

Campaign placard: Stand Up for Stirchley

Here’s someone who always stands up for Stirchley!

A speed limit sign on a fenced-off road

The world’s most pointless speed limit sign? This land was acquired by Tesco who then abandoned their plans to build a supermarket

A protest at the closure of a local route

Protesting with art: this road through the planned Tesco site remains closed despite the abandonment of the project

Hand painting on a wall covered with black boards

Hands-on activity at a space-themed Fun Palace at Stirchley Baths

A crowded hall

Organised chaos at the Fun Palace

A giant model rocket built out of cardboard

Ready to launch: a rocket built at the Fun Palace

Dr Helen Fraser speaking in front of a screen displaying a nebula

The educational side of the Fun Palace: Dr Helen Fraser gave an entertaining talk about how to make a planet (hint: you need a nebula to start with)

Stallholders at Stirchley Community Market

The monthly Stirchley Community Market tests my stewarding and photographic skills

Flowers and plants on sale at Stirchley Community Market

One of many photogenic stalls at Stirchley Community Market: there are lots more of my photos on the website and Facebook page

Sitting outside Artefact

During the year P Café relaunched as Artefact and continues to be a wonderful artistic and meeting venue

Discussion around a table

The fortnightly Crunch creative writing group meets at Artefact