Family tree: Banting

This page shows the ancestry of my paternal grandfather, Harry Charles BANTING, and of his mother, Alice Ellen Agnes HARPER.

Upper Clatford is a village near Andover in Hampshire. There were also Bantings in the neighbouring villages of Goodworth Clatford and Abbotts Ann.

b 1715, Upper Clatford
d 1793
married Sarah
b 1736, Upper Clatford
d 1807
James BANTING (b 1759)
William BANTING (b 1760)
Charles BANTING (b 1762)
Thomas BANTING (b 1765)
Benjamin BANTING (b 1767)
Abraham BANTING (b 1769)
Betty BANTING (b 1771)
Mary BANTING (b 1775)
Samuel BANTING (b 1779)
Joseph BANTING (b 1783)
Benjamin BANTING
b 1767, Upper Clatford
d 1848
married Hannah BULPUIT
b 1771, Upper Clatford
James BANTING (b 1792)
John BANTING (b 1796)
Benjamin BANTING (b 1800)
William BANTING (b 1802) Agricultural labourer
Charles BANTING (b 1804)
Thomas BANTING (b 1806)
Joseph BANTING (b 1808) Labourer
Hannah BANTING (b 1813)

William Banting married Mary CHURCHER (washerwoman) in 1826. They lived in Abbotts Ann. Mary’s sister Sarah married Joseph (see below).

It seems probable that Joseph died in the workhouse in Bracknell.

b 1808, Upper Clatford
d 1885
married Sarah CHURCHER
b 1809, Stockbridge
Mary BANTING (b 1830) Rag picker
Matilda BANTING (b 1831) Rag picker
Henry BANTING (b 1833, d 1834)
Edward BANTING (b 1834) Agricultural labourer
Thomas BANTING (b 1837) Agricultural labourer/Railway labourer
John BANTING (b 1839, d 1841)
Louisa BANTING (b 1841) Paper sorter
Henry BANTING (b 1843) Blacksmith/Soldier
Ellen BANTING (b 1845 or 1846) Paper sorter/Laundress
William BANTING (b March 1848) Plough boy
Emily BANTING (b July 1850)
Charles BANTING (b January 1853)
Harriet BANTING (b July 1856)

Henry Banting (1843-84) joined the Army, and saw action in the Second Afghan War of 1878-80. On a march from Kandahar to Kabul he was involved in the action at Ahmed Kehl on 19 April 1880. He then took part in a forced march back to Kandahar where his battalion suppressed an uprising on 1 September 1880. He was awarded a medal and clasp for participation in the Afghan campaign, and a Bronze Star for the march to Kandahar.

In October and November 1880 he took part in an action against the Marris tribe (in what is now Pakistan) to force them to make restitution for a raid on a railway train.

Henry was discharged from the Army on medical grounds after treatment in a London Hospital. He died of heart disease before the birth of his second son.

b 19 Feb 1843, Upper Clatford
d 23 June 1884, Camberwell
married 12 August 1883, Lambeth Jane HUNTER
b 1849, Upper Clatford
d 1934, Walworth, London
Daughter of Richard HUNTER Labourer and Sarah BOUNDS
Harry Edward BANTING (b 8 March 1883) Baker/Silk warehouseman
Albert John BANTING (b 7 July 1884, Upper Clatford)

No birth certificate in the name of Harry Edward Banting has been found, but his birth details are stated on his baptism certificate. It is quite probable that Henry was not his biological father, but in effect adopted him on his marriage to Jane Hunter.

Both Harry Edward and Albert were baptised in Upper Clatford after Henry’s death, but the family moved back to London some time before the 1891 census. Albert later returned to Upper Clatford to live with his aunt (Jane’s sister) but Jane and Harry Edward spent the rest of their lives in London.

Harry Edward BANTING
b 1883, Camberwell, London
married 20 October 1902, Walworth, London Alice Ellen Agnes HARPER
b 5 April 1884, Walworth, London
d 1957, Thornton Heath, Surrey
Harry Charles BANTING (b 1903, Walworth, London) Garage owner

The marriage between Harry Edward and Alice had broken up by 1911. Harry Edward had no further contact with the family, and Alice later remarried.

Harry Charles Banting worked for a petrol company which required him to move around the country, settling in Birmingham in 1938. During the war he was responsible for petrol distribution in the Birmingham area. He bought a garage when the war ended, and ran it until the early 1960’s. In semi-retirement he was office manager for a firm of solicitors in Netherton, Dudley, and was also Assistant Treasurer of Warwickshire County Cricket Club.

Ancestry of Alice Ellen Agnes HARPER

b c.1831, Worcester
d 1871, Southwark
married Emma YEANDLE
b 1836 or 1837, North Petherton, Somerset
d 1913, Southwark
Daughter of Thomas YEANDLE and Mary PINE
Julia HARPER (b c.1856, Bristol)
Thomas Henry HARPER (b 1857, Bristol)
William HARPER (b 1859, Shoreditch, London)
Alfred John HARPER (b 1862, Southwark)
Clara Elizabeth HARPER (b 1865, Southwark)
Charles HARPER (b 1868, Southwark)
Albert Edward HARPER (b 1870, Southwark)
b c.1790
married Phoebe CASTLE
b 1793 or 1794
d 1854, Bermondsey
Francis Castle HOLTHUM (b 1835?) Carpenter
3 sisters
7 brothers
Francis Castle HOLTHUM
b c.1828, Bermondsey, London
d 1890, Southwark
married 1855, London Ellen Agnes COATES
b 1836, d 1894
Alice HOLTHUM (b 1858)
6 sisters
1 brother
William HARPER
b 1859, Shoreditch, London
married 1883, Southwark Alice HOLTHUM
b 17 June 1858, Bermondsey, London
d 26 June 1939, Walworth, London
Alice Ellen Agnes HARPER (b 1884, Walworth, London)
William HARPER (b 1886, Walworth, London)