Photos 2017: Birmingham Marathon

I hope to get out running again before too long, but for this year I was a spectator for the first Birmingham International Marathon, run in October 2017, which was followed later in the day by the Half-Marathon – the Great Birmingham Run. It took several hours for all the runners to pass through Selly Park and Stirchley but there was consistent support throughout both races. Some of the photos I took around Christ Church can be viewed on the Christ Church website.

The race leaders

A member of the leading pack in the Marathon

Passing a water station

The faster runners pass the water station in Selly Park

A runner in a viola costume

It’s not every day you get to run a marathon alongside a viola

Pastor Mark supporting the race

Support for the race outside Selly Park Baptist Church

Offering sweets to runners

Extra calories on offer outside Selly Park Baptist Church

A waving supporter

More enthusiastic support

Greeting a runner from the same club

A personal greeting for a club runner

Marathon runner

On the outward leg through Stirchley

Youthful spectators sitting on the pavement

The race provides real family entertainment

High-fiving a runner

High-fiving a runner on Bournville Lane

Watching the race

The leaders about to come along Bournville Lane on their second lap

Fundraising posters on a house

It helps with fundraising if your aunt lives by the course

Marathon runner

The marathon runners had to complete two laps of a large loop around South Birmingham

High-fiving runners

High-fives in the middle of Pershore Road

Marathon runner

The faster runners heading back through Stirchley

Someone At The Door drumming band

Someone At The Door: this band drummed away the morning opposite the former Fitness First

Runners and swirling leaves

Autumn scene on Pershore Road

Running with a guide

Running with a guide

Marathon runner with hair flying in the breeze

Streaming through Selly Park

A runner with Granny on her shirt

Age is no barrier…

Kermit the Frog

… and nor is species

A raccoon costume

More wildlife on the course

Runners passing in both directions along Pershore Road

Heavy traffic along Pershore Road

A man with a dog crossing a road full of runners

It’s not usually this hard to cross Pershore Road on a Sunday

Passing a water station

Passing the water station in Selly Park

Gin bottles on a table by the roadside

Alternative drinks are available, if you’re in the know…

Bowls of sweets by the roadside

Helping the runners keep going past Christ Church

Leading runners in the Half-Marathon

There’s a burst of fresh energy as the leaders in the Half-Marathon come past

Leading runners in the Half-Marathon

The leaders in the Half-Marathon come through Selly Park

Runners sweating in the sun

The sun has come out, making it hot work for the runners

Runner wearing an inflatable costume

An inflatable runner

Runners on Bournville Lane

Coming down Bournville Lane

A spectator waving and cheering

Noisy support outside Stirchley Community Church

The runners pass Stirchley Baths

The runners pass Stirchley Baths

A runner doing the Mobot action

Is that really Mo?

Runners in the Half-Marathon

The crowd of runners in the Half-Marathon builds up

Close-up of feet on Pershore Road

Pershore Road and thousands of feet taking a pounding

A dog lying on the pavement

Not everyone finds the race so compelling

A runner pushing a friend in a wheelchair

There were massive cheers for these two

An elderly man pushing a wheeled frame

More applause for this campaigner

Running in a model bobsled

What a team! They’re in the race every year

High-fiving a runner

This young man put in a marathon performance, high-fiving runners all day

The runners go up Selly Park Road past a tree with brown leaves

Autumn sunshine

The Bloco Louco drumming group

Bloco Louco took over the afternoon drumming shift

A drummer

A member of Someone At The Door does overtime during the half-marathon

The Bloco Louco drumming group with the remains of Fitness First in the background

A never to be repeated image: Bloco Louco with the remains of Fitness First in the background

The Bloco Louco drumming group

A drumming encore from Bloco Louco