Phil's family tree: Gates family

This page shows the ancestry of my paternal grandmother, Mary Ellen GATES, and of her mother, Susannah Ellen LAROCHE.

Henry William GATES
b c.1839, Woolwich
Zinc worker
Son of Henry Walpole GATES and Elizabeth
married 1861 Walworth, London Mary Ann MANN
b c.1840, Newington, Southwark
Daughter of
William MANN
and Mary
Henry William GATES b 1862
William Thomas GATES b 1866 Zinc worker
Fanny Hannah GATES b 1868
John Rowland GATES b 1869
Alfred Edward GATES b 1871
Emily Caroline GATES b 1874
Alice Emma GATES b 1876
Florence GATES b 1878
(all b Newington, Southwark)

The Gates family settled in Southwark in about 1850. The 1851 census lists Henry Walpole Gates as "Foreman of zinc works". Henry William Gates followed his father into the zinc business, followed in turn by William Thomas Gates.

William Thomas GATES
b 28 January 1866, Newington, Southwark
Zinc worker
d 1942, West Bromwich
married 25 December 1889, London Susannah Ellen LAROCHE
b 27 September 1865, Southwark, London
d 1942, Walworth, London
Edward Charles GATES b 1890 d 1900
William Robert GATES b 1893
George Frederick GATES b 1896
Henry Ernest GATES b 1898 d 1917, France
Albert Joseph GATES b 1901
Mary Ellen GATES b 1903
Charles Cornelius GATES b 1905
(all b Southwark)

Edward Charles Gates drowned in the Grand Surrey Canal at the age of 9. According to a newspaper report of the inquest, he had been playing near the canal (despite strict instructions from his parents) and refused to leave when the friend he was with went home. His body was found in the canal the next day.

Tragedy struck the family again when the first wife of William Robert Gates, Louisa SAVAGE, was found dead, presumed murdered, in August 1918. She had travelled to Sunningdale, Berkshire, to meet a man stationed with the Canadian forces, and her body was found in a field several weeks later having been apparently strangled with the belt of her coat. No-one was ever prosecuted in connection with the crime.

Henry Ernest Gates became a war casualty, killed in action in November 1917. He was serving with the West Yorkshire Regiment.

Albert Gates became heavily involved in local government, serving as Mayor of the Metroplitan Borough of Southwark from 1939 to 1943 and on many other municipal bodies. Albert's wife Catherine (Kitty) MALONEY also served a term as Mayor. Charles Cornelius Gates became Mayor of the London Borough of Southwark, which was formed from the former Metropolitan Boroughs of Southwark, Camberwell and Bermondsey.

Ancestry of Susannah Ellen LAROCHE

Joseph Thomas LAROCHE
b 1814, London
d 1859 Hat box maker/Copper plate printer
married 1836 Susannah SLOANE
b 1816
Joseph Charles Edwin LAROCHE (b 1841, Southwark)


Robert McCARTHY b 1804/5 Cork, Ireland
Leather dresser
Son of Julian McCARTHY
married 1825 Ellen HALFPENNY b 1811/2
Mary McCARTHY (b 1844, Southwark)

Robert and Ellen McCarthy lived near Bermondsey Leather Market, which still exists.

Joseph Charles Edwin LAROCHE
b 1841, Southwark, London
Hat box maker/
Commercial traveller

d 1914
married 1862, Southwark Mary McCARTHY
b 1844, Southwark
Book folder
d 1925, Lewisham
Susannah Ellen LAROCHE (b 1865, Southwark)
Joseph LAROCHE (b 1867)
Robert George LAROCHE (b 1869)
Mary Elizabeth LAROCHE (b 1872)
George Frederick LAROCHE (b 1874)
Ernest LAROCHE (b 1876)
Annie Elizabeth (Nancy) LAROCHE (b 1880)
Henry Edward LAROCHE (b 1882)
Cornelius LAROCHE (b 1885)


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