The Banting Awards for 1990

Well, everyone else gives annual awards, so why shouldn't we?

IDEAL HOME OF THE YEAR AWARD goes to our new house in Stirchley, where we finally moved in January. Its main feature is that no-one knows it's there, being cunningly tucked away behind some other houses.

MOST AMBITIOUS TARGET MET: Moving house, then unpacking 53 boxes in 2 weeks

MOST AMBITIOUS TARGET NOT MET: Moving house, then getting everything in perfect order within a year

WORST TIMING OF THE YEAR AWARD goes to Adrian, for being born during a vital World Cup match

YOUNG SCIENTIST OF THE YEAR: Martin, for research into connectivity of jigsaw puzzle pieces, rate of descent down slides, effect of pressing the TV handset buttons, and many other fields

EGON RONAY 24-HOUR CATERING SERVICE OF THE YEAR: That provided by Miriam, especially to Adrian, who is always hungry!

POET OF THE YEAR: Adrian, for this cultural offering:

I like my Mummy, I think,
She gives me plenty to drink.
She changes my nappy
And keeps me happy,
And doesn't dress me in pink.

YOUNG NATURALIST OF THE YEAR: Martin, for his ability to reproduce animal noises (but why does he still think a sheep says "neigh"??)

BOOKWORM OF THE YEAR: A tie between Miriam, who has read through most of Stirchley library while feeding Adrian, and Martin, whose greatest pleasure is to have someone read to him

TV ADDICT OF THE YEAR: Miriam, who has trained her body clock to tell her when Countdown is on

MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR: Phil, who has usurped Miriam's place at the piano in the Church Centre music group while she has had her hands full with babies

ENVIRONMENTAL CATASTROPHE OF THE YEAR: Visiting Anglesey and discovering that "Puffin Island" no longer has any puffins because over-fishing has made them virtually extinct

EXHAUSTED PARENTS OF THE YEAR AWARD: Guess who, but the award has to be shared with millions of others!

We all want to wish you a toyful - sorry, joyful Christmas and a very happy New Year.

Martin sitting on a wheeled toy

Martin enjoying the play area at
Anglesey Bird World

Miriam and Martin standing in a field on a hill

Miriam takes Martin for a walk
on a farm in Anglesey

More photos...

Martin standing behind a goat in a field

Martin enjoys Anglesey's wildlife

Martin smiles as he follows a lamb

Martin really does like animals

Martin looks at a concrete column while Phil holds his hand

Martin makes a close study of the Rhuddlan Fawr triangulation pillar on Anglesey

Phil holding Martin on a path between a field and a wood

"It's called a camera"

Menai Bridge looking from the mainland

Menai Bridge, Anglesey

Menai Bridge looking from Anglesey

Another view of that bridge...

Menai Bridge looking from Anglesey

...and another one

Small boats in a town harbour

Padstow harbour, Cornwall

A house and back garden with chairs and a table

Our back garden