The Banting News Headlines of 1989

ESCAPE ACROSS THE WALL: Phil tunnels out of his old job in hardware to become a "Softy" (translation: a member of the software department) and is now working with things like C, 32-bit assembler and other conversation-stoppers

FAMILY EMIGRATES TO THE WEST: Or tries to, as we attempt to move "down the hill" from Kings Heath to Stirchley but have not yet exchanged contracts

POPULATION EXPLOSION: Martin is born in January and we are now expecting another baby next July. If our family continues to double in size every two years it will be standing room only by the end of the century

MOVES TOWARDS EUROPEAN UNITY as we watch the Eurovision Song Contest in a restaurant in Madeira

NUCLEAR CATASTROPHE: Our visit to a nuclear power station in Anglesey is abandoned because we are late, it's raining, we haven't had our lunch and they don't let children in anyway

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Miriam demonstrates her uncanny knack of discovering blackberries on holiday and recycling them into apple and blackberry pies

TECHNOLOGICAL REVOLUTION: Our new computer provxs vxry usxful and pxrforms faultlxssly

VOYAGER REACHES TARGET as Martin's exploration of the universe takes him into uncharted reaches of the kitchen and halfway up the stairs

HEALTH SERVICE SHAKEUP: Miriam starts a part-time job in a doctor's practice

A STAR IS BORN: Martin gives the world première of his new piano work "Crash crash tinkle thump"

That's some of what's happened this year, anyway! It looks as though next year will be no less eventful.

We send our best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Miriam holding Martin next to a lake in a sunny park

Miriam and Martin enjoy the sunshine in Madeira

More photos...

Martin in a pushchair with Phil bending down beside him

"...and I'll explain that joke when you're a bit older"
Phil and Martin at Sandringham, Norfolk

Miriam stands at the harbour railings looking out over the sea

Miriam enjoys the view from the harbour at Funchal, Madeira

Looking down on a busy road with the harbour on the other side

View towards Funchal harbour from Santa Catarina Park

City roundabout with fountains at the centre

Rotunda do Infante, Funchal. Under the archway is a statue of Prince Henry the Navigator

A distant town and a coastal inlet between hills

Another view of Madeira - it's a very hilly island!

Miriam under an arch in a garden

In the grounds of the English Church, Funchal, Madeira

The Menai Bridge in the distance with fields and the Menai Strait in the foreground

The Menai Strait (separating Anglesey from mainland North Wales)
looking towards the Menai Bridge

View over rooftops

The view from our house in Kings Heath,
which we left at the beginning of 1990